CitSciScribe is Official!

Project News

The following was contributed by Lindsay Roupe, Project Manager for Ichthyology at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences.  Thanks Lindsay!

On Saturday, June 11, we officially launched CitSciScribe, the latest citizen science project at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. We had the project website available to visitors on computers in the Visual World iLab on the 3rd floor of the Nature Research Center for people who wanted to dive into transcribing for the first time.  Several people came by throughout the day to register for a project account and transcribed data and meet the project creators.

showing visitor the project website

One of our transcription stations in the Visual World Investigate Lab. Photo by Chris Goforth.

In addition to transcription stations, we set up educational carts throughout the museum to get the word out about CitSciScribe and provide a behind-the-scenes look at our collections. Various specimens from the Museum were on display at the stations, including an alligator skull, shark jaws, venomous and non-venomous snakes, and some interesting fish. We also shared a behind-the-scenes video with footage taken in our collections and research labs for a unique look into the museum’s natural history collections. We will release the full video on the CitSciScribe site in mid-July!

cart presentation

Kids loved the alligator skull we had on display at one of our carts! Photo by Lindsay Roupe.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our CitSciScribe launch event and made it memorable. So far over 700 records have been transcribed and we are looking forward to watching CitSciScribe take off!  And if you didn’t make it to our launch event last weekend, no problem.  You can still get involved through the project website at

Happy transcribing!

You can check out tweets from our launch day on Storify! Please consider using #citsciscribe to share what you’re doing with the project on social media.