CitSciScribe at CSA 2017


We recently showcased CitSciScribe and the amazing work that you all have done at the 2017 meeting of the Citizen Science Association! Our poster “CitSciScribe: Meeting the Needs of Natural History Collections One Transcription at a Time” highlighted the project’s creation, how we have worked to engage/recruit partcipants, and the successes of the project so far. Some of our favorite findings (as of May 2017) include:

– Participants have contributed over 1400 hours of time to the project while completing over 21,000 transcriptions.

– Our first project, the Duke Marine Lab fish, was completed in just 15 days! The Charleston reptiles and amphibians took just over a month to complete and all three projects available at launch were complete just three and a half months into the project.

– Transcription error rates are very low! 80.3% of transcriptions contained no errors at all and another 13.1% had very minor errors like capitalization or transposed letters.

– We were happy to learn that everyone who responded to our user survey stated that they were equally or more connected to the Museum because of their CitSciScribe participation. That’s one result we were really hoping for, so it’s great to have evidence suggesting we have been successful in reaching this goal.

It was great to be able to showcase the work done thus far by our amazing volunteers at this biannual gathering of citizen science practitioners. We enjoyed talking to people who visited during our poster session and answered many great questions from colleagues about the work we have done together. Overall, we were proud to bring attention to our participants and the huge amount of work they have done. Conference attendees were very positive about the project and recognized the impressive contributions of our citizen scientists.

We look forward to sharing CitSciScribe at future conferences, including the Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections this week!

Thanks to everyone who made this possible!

Thanks to everyone who made this possible!